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"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

Psalm 91:1


Krystle L. Cubbage is a native of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. She received her childhood education from the Metropolitan and P.G. County Public School Districts. Krystle holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, from Wesley College, Dover, DE. 

After graduation, Krystle remained in Delaware to land a teaching career as an ELA Secondary Education instructor. Graduating in the middle of a recession brought its challenges; however, she did not stop pursuing her goals. While attempting to secure employment, she put her English degree to work. In 2009, she founded TutorCentral Educational Services, specializing in 9-12 grade ELA  subject matter. This business venture became a success. She was thrilled that her students were passing their classes and learning next-level ELA coursework. Of course, it did not stop there. In 2010, Krystle began working in the English department of Delaware Technical and Community College, Newark, DE, assistant to the Department Chair. The Department Chair made it clear that she wanted to put Krystle in the classroom as soon as possible. However, in 2015, Krystle began her teaching career as a Writing Composition Instructor at Polytech Adult Education. Although challenging, 98% of her students passed the course successfully.

During her time at Polytech, she realized that there were limited resources available for students to develop their writing skills. Not only were they behind in grammatical and basic English/Language Arts concepts, but they also lacked handwriting abilities. She decided to develop an in-depth writing curriculum that would enhance writing skills for 9-12th grade Secondary Education students. These skills would be transferrable to any college level course. Krystle later added Business Writing to the curriculum for post-graduate and career development students.  The writing curriculum is customized to meet the modern-day writing needs. 

Krystle is PASSIONATE about writing and communicating at the highest level of proficiency. In 2019, TutorCentral Educational Services, emerged into iWrite Community Group; concentrating on developing Writing skills. She has dedicated hours of research on how to improve the writing approach, especially, for students with learning disabilities. She has spent hours practicing different techniques to assure that every lesson plan is practical and apprehensible. Recently, she modified and launched the curriculum into an online format. When COVID-19 impacted the United States, Krystle made every effort to remain accessible to her students. With every possible resource, Krystle looks forward to developing a strong writing community one student at a time.

Krystle is multifaceted. As a visionary, she always knew that she would be successful. When she founded TutorCentral in 2009, it was under the umbrella of Crystalline Enterprises, now known as Laurai. Along with educational services, Krystle is a spokesman for God and the people.


Krystle is a prolific writer, and a profound preacher and teacher of the gospel. She takes great pride in speaking to people on God's behalf. She is an advocate for total life transformation. Her most valuable reward is witnessing God's power manifested in the lives of people, that result in deliverance and restoration.  She is a prayer warrior that is not ashamed to stand in the counsel of God for direction  as well as interceding for others. Krystle's greatest passion and desire is to please God; and with every endeavor and venture glorify Him. Her goal is to make an impact unto the saving of souls; to impart all she has learned, experienced and received,  into the lives of others for their growth, development and success. 

Krystle accredits her growth and accomplishments to her devoted relationship with God, her family and foundation. She holds fast to her convictions, using Godly wisdom to navigate through life. Her anthem is that with God all things are possible; and in the words of the late Pastor Andrew Murray, “…God is everything, she is nothing.”

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