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We love our youth! Spending time with them is one of our priorities. They just want to know that we care. Simple trips to the shopping mall or to get ice cream, makes all the difference. Our outreach really capitalizes on utilizing their energy to unify our community with fun and family!

Our teens are surrounded by so many distractions and temptations. At this age of development,  we cultivate their gifts and abilities so that they become everything that God has destined for them to be; steering them in paths that teach them how to remain focused and productive. 

It's time to spread your wings! 

Entering into adulthood can be intimidating. It requires maturity, responsibility, and accountability. Mentoring our young adults encourages them to apply Biblical principles in making practical decisions. 

TWO WORDS: Innovative energy! Millennials are full of creativity, boldness, and charisma. They offer a fresh perspective that enhance growth and demonstrates leadership. They are definitely an asset to the Body of Christ and the World.

We NEED good, effective Leadership. Every organization has a group of people who know how to move things forward--these would be the leaders. Every LEADER has a vision and will use every resource available to fulfill that vision. We take great esteem in cultivating leaders and providing an environment for perpetual leadership training. 

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