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                                             is a multifaceted organization, designed to render various services to the general public. It is the umbrella for which ministerial and academic training provide personal, professional and spiritual enrichment.


In November 2009, Krystle L. Cubbage started with just a tutoring service called, TutorCentral Education Services. During the recession it was extremely difficult to secure employment. So as a result, she ventured to make money using her English degree and passion for writing. With the plan to have multiple companies, she originally named the entity Crystalline Enterprises; which would serve as the domain for all of her businesses that would generate income. However, in 2019 Crystalline Enterprises emerged into Laurai to personalize her creative niche. 

Over the past 13 years Krystle has spent time establishing a tight knit foundation that is relative in the 21st Century. It is with purpose, pursuit, and passion that every idea and gift is fully known, fully mastered, and shared with the world—locally and abroad.


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